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Belgrade is capital of Serbia. City of Belgrade has its own official symbols: flag and coat of arms in three levels.

Flag of Belgrade is heraldic banner of arms, with same elements as on basic arms. The flag is in use since 1995, last time before that flag was flown in 1932, during litany in occasion of Ascension day. Proportions are 1:1. Official web site about usage of flag:

The usage of correct flag is matter of pride. Usage approval is not necessary, but incorrect and improper usage and misuse which insults dignity of Belgrade citizens will be penalized. Therefore, previous consultation is recommended.

Regarding Coat of arms, Belgrade offical web site, cites:

The creation of Belgrade coat of arms was started in 1931 by the President of the Municipality of Belgrade, Mr Milan Nešic. An expanded committee was formed, consisting of artists, heraldists, university professors, generals and state counsellors. The expanded committee has had many sessions, and has examined the matter, and at the meeting of the regular committee in May 19, 1931 the following conclusions were made:

  1. The Belgrade coat of arms must be shield-shaped, slightly pointed at the bottom.
  2. The elements of the coat of arms: national colours, a river - as a symbol of primordial power of Belgrade, a Roman galley (trireme) - as a symbol of antiquity of Belgrade, white walls with a tower and an open gate - the walls represent the settlement, the tower represents the city, and the open gate represents free communication.
  3. 3. The ground between the rivers and under the walls is red, as a symbol of blood, eternal suffering of Belgrade; the rivers are white according to the laws of heraldry; the walls and the tower are white, as a symbol of the "white city" (NOTE: The name of Belgrade - Beograd literally means "the white city"); the sky is blue, as a symbol of faith and hope for a better future.

Middle arms of Belgrade is shield crowned with golden mural crown decorated with diadem and six visible merlons.

Greater arms of Belgrade is shield placed on chest of white two headed eagle crowned with golden mural crown.

Greater ceremonial coat of arms of Belgrade is to be used by mayor and it represents the city of Belgrade in mutual communication with other entities. It consists of white two headed eagle with crossed swords between claws, basic arms in form of shield on its chest and mural crown. Under the claws of the eagle there are four orders(decorations) belonging to the capital of Serbia: Military cross of Czechoslovakia, Légion d'honneur, Order of the National Hero and Karadorde's Star with Swords. Mural crown has five merlons symbolizing large city in region and diadem symbolizing capital city

Glas Javnosti - "Expression of consciousness and pride of nation"

Former arms of Belgrade and its variants

Stamps album "Arms of Yugoslavia" (issued by "Kava Hag d.d.", Zagreb, 1939.) illustrates Belgrade arms shaped in a different fashion than in conclusions of munipal comitee from 1931.

Former emblem (until 1991) had same motifs, but was stylized as black and white logo.

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Variant of Belgrade arms from album

Variant of Belgrade arms from album "Arms of Yugoslavia", issued by "Kava Hag d.d.", Zagreb, 1939.

Stylization of Belgrade arms, used as coat of arms until 1991.

Stylization of Belgrade arms, used as coat of arms until 1991.

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