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Sokobanja uses pseudoheraldic emblem.

There is no official flag of Sokobanja, although statute mentions the possibility for its adoption:

Article 16. Municipality can have flag. Shape, colours and content of the flag shall be confirmed by particular decision of municipal assembly.

From municipal statute (July 17th 2002):

Article 15.

Municipality has arms. Arms of the municipaliti is in shape of the shield with background. Upper field of shield is separated into two parts by central vertical line, and bottom field is divided into three parts by two diagonals. Cyrillic letters Sokobanja are positioned above the shield. Upper right field is charged with stylized falcon's head heding right. Roof of Miloš's Konak House, at the same time symbolizing hill with three stylized trees (symbol of forest) is positioned in upper left field. Center of bottom half-circle part is charged with part of building for bathing with the sign (four water sources with bubbles representing evaporation and radiation) and two windows with waves of water between them. Trees ar part of right bottom field, as symbol of park forest, and foreground of Miloš's Konak House is part of bottom right field.

Colours have not been mentioned, and emblem is used in several different colour palletes.

Last modified: 28-NOV-2007

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Arms of Soko Banja

”Arms”* of Soko Banja

*Word 'Arms' is written with quotation mark because this is not coat of arms in heraldic sense

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