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About Flags

Local flags recently appeared in Serbia. By gradual acceptance of heraldic standards of Serbian Heraldic Society which consider municipal banner/flag as part of the greater coat of arms, flags became one form of symbols which could be used and described in statutes and decisions od local authorities. Official local flags or those in use could be divided in several groups:

Flags - banners of arms

These flags are inspired by heraldic banner of arms from greater coat of arms. According to standards their ratio is square (1:1).

First subgroup are banners of arms who repeat shield motif: Beograd, Aranđelovac, Arilje, Čukarica, Lapovo.

Second subgroup of banners of arms are those who are more or less modified mdified motifs from the shield: Barajevo, Novi Beograd, Gornji Milanovac, Čajetina. Third subgroup consists of banners of arms which are part of greater arms, but doesn't repeat shield motif: Topola, Vrnjačka Banja.

Flags charged with arms or emblem (armorial flags)

This group of flags usually have arbitrary proportions, but there are some examples with defined proportions in formal decisions about usage of local symbols, e.g. (Niš).

This group of flags are usually plain one coloured flags charged with whole greater arms. It is sometimes in use even in municipalities who officialy adopted banner of arms (Ljig, Užice).

Niša ignores heraldic banner, which is part of greater arms and uses officialy armorial flag with greater coat of arms on blue field.

Official use of arms applied on the flag, in cases where heraldic banner doesn't exist could be found in these examples: Subotica, Pančevo, Novi Sad.

Last modified: 6-DEC-2007

Flag of Vračar

Vračar, example of heraldic banner with same motif as on the shield

Flag of New Belgrade

New Belgrade, example of heraldic banner with slightly modified motif from the shield

Proposed flag of Niš, not in use

Heraldic banner of Niš, part of Greater Arms, but not in use.

Flag of Niš

Flag of Niš in use

Flag of Subotica

Flag of Subotica, the example of flag charged with coat of arms.

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